String Lights Retro Bulb LED Battery Powered 3m Warm White - 2 Pack

  • R 650.00

These lights are a beautiful mix between modern fairy lights and retro bulbs. Fill your house with a warm white glow - or even your garden! These lights are waterproof and are therefore not restricted to the indoors. Not only that, but they also run on battery power. This means that you can take them anywhere you want without worrying about finding a plug point. Don't stress about finding a beautiful venue - create your own!

Warm Light: These lights are perfect for decorating. The soft light gently illuminates the space and is not harsh on the eyes.
Battery Powered: Don't be inhibited by your venue. No more struggling to find a conveniently placed plug. Just pop in some batteries and you're good to go.
Versatile: Be it Christmas, Valentines, a wedding, or a birthday, these lights are fit for the occasion.

- Packs: 2 packs
- String Length: 3m each
- Bulb Size: Approximately 4cm in diameter
- LEDs: 20 bulbs each
- Light Colour: Warm White
- Power: AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
- Materials: Rubber, LED, Plastic
- Modes: Single-mode