Star Night Light Galaxy Projector LED Lights and 360 Degree Rotation - Pink

  • R 450.00

Help your children feel safe and comforted with this enchanting night light that projects galaxies into the room. The light is soft so as to not stimulate your child, and has eight different modes.


4 LED Lights: The yellow, red, blue, and green bulbs create multiple colour combinations and rotations. Teach your child the -colours, feed their imagination or calm them to sleep with this charming night light.
8 Modes: There are three buttons to change the effect of the light. The first button changes the setting of the light, the second changes the light colour, and the third causes the light to rotate. A black cover can be removed to allow the stars and moon to be projected into the room.
Soft light: The light is not harsh or stimulating, helping your child relax and easing them to sleep.
Choice of Power: Can be powered by USB (included) or with 4 AAA batteries (excluded).
Versatile: Can be used as a night light, a desk lamp, a teaching tool, or to create an exciting party environment or romantic atmosphere. Great gift idea for kids.


Materials: LED Lights, Plastic,
Colour: Pink
Warranty: 12 months