Solar Power Outdoor String Copper Wire Fairy Lights 10m Warm White - 2 Pack

  • R 800.00

These lights are the epitome of versatility. The copper wire is both bendy and stiff and will stay in any shape or position that you choose. This means that you can drape them across a patio, wrap them around a balcony, or scrunch them up into a small space. Not only that, but they are also 100% waterproof. Take them outside, or keep them inside. It's really up to you. Wrap them around a tree or hang them over a window frame. Be it Christmas, Valentines, or simply an ordinary day, these lights are guaranteed to liven up the atmosphere.

Solar Powered: These lights are powered by the sun, meaning that you don't need to hunt for batteries or stress about the electricity bill.
Flexible: The copper wire allows the lights to be molded into any shape or symbol. The lights can be strategically arranged in any way you choose.
Versatile: These lights can be tucked between leaves of plants, or hung across the roof for all to see. These lights are limitless!

- Pack Size: 2 pack
- String Length: 10m each
- LEDS: 100 lamps each
- Light Colour: Warm White
- Waterproof Rating: IP44
- Power: Solar Powered
- Materials: Copper Wire, Plastic, Rubber
- Modes: 8 Modes