Shoe Rack Storage Organiser 5 Tier Modular Cabinet Design - Pink

  • R 1,000.00


Durable Structure: The storage compartments are made of high-quality PP plastic panels. The plastic panels are reinforced with wireframes. The panels are securely connected with extra strong ABS plastic connectors. Each compartment closes with a clear door panel. This neat 5 tier shoe rack is able to comfortably store up to 10 pairs of shoes (2 pairs per compartment).
Easy to Assemble: You can assemble this shoe rack in minutes.
Space Saver: You can free up precious closet space by neatly organising your shoes in this decorative shoe rack. It will also save you a lot of time when getting dressed!
Modular Design: You are able to add more compartments as your shoe collection grows or split the shoe rack up to fit smaller spaces. This means that there are endless possibilities for customisation to suit your individual needs.


- Assembled Dimensions: 39cm (Width) x 37cm (Depth) x 93cm (Height)
- Materials: PP plastic panels, ABS plastic connectors
- Colour: Pink