Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Set of 5 Fitness Gym Yoga Rehabilitation

  • R 650.00

Incorporate fitness into your daily life with these versatile, durable, and portable resistance bands. Suitable for any level of fitness. Each band has a unique resistance value and is a different color to help you differentiate between them – while simultaneously brightening up your fitness area!


Fit For Everyone: Whether you are a professional or beginner athlete, these bands are perfect for you due to the varying levels of resistance. Each band is the same length and width but have a unique thickness and thus a unique resistance value.
Convenient Transportation and Storage: These lightweight bands are easily compressed allowing you to carry them with you and stick to your workout routine no matter where you are. The bands come with a small bag for storage.
Durable: These bands are made from latex and easily snap back into shape after being stretched. They cannot be easily worn out or broken and have a long lifespan.
Multi-functional: Whether you need strength training, resistance training, weight loss exercises, rehabilitation exercises, or an increase in flexibility, these bands can help! It can be used by runners, yoga and pilates students, dancers, body-builders, people who work from home, or anyone who wants a convenient way of incorporating fitness into their daily lives.


- Length: 60 cm
- Width: 5 cm

- Green: 2.3 kgs
- Blue: 6.8 kgs
- Yellow: 9.1 kgs
- Red: 13.6 kgs
- Black: 18.2 kgs