Pet Car Seat Cover Non-Slip Waterproof Protector

  • R 500.00

Stylishly protect your car against scratches, dirt, and hair while keeping your pet comfortable with this durable pet seat cover.


Waterproof and Non-Slip: A layer of PVC helps the cover grip to the seat and prevents sliding around. The cover can also be anchored to the back seat; keeping it secured during speed bumps and fast turns. The durable polyester protects against moisture, spills, and scratches.
Easy Installation: Simply place the cover onto the back seat and use the buckles to anchor it to the back seat. To remove, simply unbuckle and slide out again!
Easy Cleaning: Shake it out to remove loose dirt or wipe it with a wet cloth. It can also be hand-washed or vacuumed to remove further dirt.


Size: 144cm x 144cm
Warranty: 12 months
Material: Polyester, PVC, Cotton, Oxford Cloth