Non-Slip Grey Velvet Hangers Heavy Duty Swivel Hooks - 15 Pack

  • R 450.00

ULTRA SLIM DESIGN: The 5mm thick slim design of the hangers is modern and sleek. These hangers will also save precious closest space and will be your greatest asset when you organize your closest
NATURAL SHOULDER SHAPE: Design keeps your clothes' look natural without the annoying crease or bump. It saves you additional time and effort of ironing.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: With a built-in horizontal accessory bar that allows you to hold ties, scarves, and necklaces with your clothes all together in one hanger.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Construction can withstand weights of up to 4,5 kg, perfect for hanging heavier garments such as winter clothes and coats
NON-SLIP: The luxurious velvet surface will prevent your garments from slipping off the hangers. The notches on the shoulders add extra grip for even your most delicate garments
CHROMIUM SWIVEL HOOK: 360° rotation allows you to retrieve and install clothes much easier and efficiently.
DURABLE: The base of the hangers are made of high-grade plastic and is able to hold even heavier items such as coats and jackets.

Material: ABS Plastic and Velvet
Warranty: 12 months