Loop Resistance Exercise Bands with Handles & Door Anchor Set of 11

  • R 1,000.00

Incorporate fitness into your daily life with these versatile resistance bands. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Whether you are looking to build strength, lose weight, do rehab exercises or increase flexibility, these bands are for you! Remember, Summer bodies are made in Winter!


- Loop Resistance Bands come with: 5 varying stackable tubes, two cushioned handles, two ankle straps, one door anchor, and one carry bag.
- Work to your own ability: these bands are perfect due to the varying levels of resistance.
- Each band has a unique resistance value and a different color to help you differentiate between them. (The weight is marked on each band)
- Made from high-quality latex and fitted with high strength carabiners making them strong and durable.
- Easy to transport giving you no excuse to miss a workout!
- Comfortable, non-slip handles.
- The door anchor and ankle cuffs allow you to perform upper body and lower body exercises.


- Door Anchor: Secure the door anchor between the door and doorframe and securely close the door, the band will stay in place and proceed with your exercises. Anchor up high for chest presses/flys, lat pull-downs, tricep extensions, or crunches, anchor down low for legs, bicep curls, and back rows.
- Ankle Straps: Comfortable and adjustable ankle straps stay secure with velcro and clip onto bands, making it easy to isolate the muscles you are working. Pair it with the door anchor for leg extensions, hamstring curls, kickbacks etc.


Yellow: 5x8x1200mm
Red: 5x9x1200mm
Green: 5x10x1200mm
Blue: 5x11x1200mm
Black: 5x12x1200mm

Yellow - X-LIGHT: 4.5 kgs
Red - LIGHT: 6.8 kgs
Blue - MEDIUM: 9.1 kgs
Green - HEAVY: 11.4 kgs
Black - X-HEAVY: 13.7 kg