Loop Fly Repellent Fan Battery Powered Repeller - Rose Gold

  • R 500.00

The Fly Repellent Fan is a unique chemical-free solution to keep flying insects at bay while dining or preparing food outdoors. You can finally enjoy a conversation over a braai without waving and swatting at flies to keep them off the food. The fly repellent fan is stylish, minimalistic and suitable for any table or any other flat surface in or around your home.


- Eco-Friendly: Chemical-free insect repellent safe for use around food, drink, children, and pets
- Soft-Stop Blades: Blades come to a stop instantly when touched and resume automatically.
- Repel Dots: The dots that refract/bend light at the end of each blade is a key feature that keeps flying insects away.
- Perfect for camping trips or outdoor dining areas
- For best results use 2 units for a 6 person table.


- Colour: Rose Gold
- Material: ABS and PVC
- Dimensions: 8.5cm W x 25cm H
- Operating radius: 42cm
- Repellent radius: 65cm
- Weight: 160g
- Power: Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included)