Kitchen Drawer Organizer Large Tray for Cutlery Utensil and Gadgets - Beige

  • R 750.00

Keep your kitchen drawer in order with this Kitchen drawer organiser. This unique tray combines five overlapping compartments for storing cutlery with three deep-sided compartments for holding utensils and gadgets. letting you combine two drawers into one!
The simple design of the Drawer Cutlery Organiser is a revolutionary way to store your cutlery.

- Unique design creates more space in your drawer
- Plenty of space to insert your cutlery either handle first or head first.
- Individual, stacked compartments for different cutlery
- Cutlery icons for easy identification
- Non-slip feet on the base also stop the unit from sliding around in your drawer.
- Wash and dry by hand

- Dimensions: 39.5cm (width) x 38cm (length) x 5.5cm (depth)
- Material: High-quality plastic
- Item Type: Kitchen Tools Accessories
- Weight: 789 g