Jade Stone Facial Roller with Yellow Gold Metal

  • R 1,000.00

Our Natural Jade Stone Facial Roller is a quick-fix for boosting circulation around your face and calming your face down from any puffiness whilst giving you a fresh, youthful glow. The rolling motion helps to lift your face and neck and with from just a few minutes a day, you will see a difference.

- Promote lymphatic drainage
- Reduce puffiness, pain, pressure, and stress
- Improve skin tone
- Relax facial muscles
- Improve skin elasticity
- Promote the skin surface blood circulation and metabolism
- Enhance chi & clarity

- Colour: Jade
- The roller has two sides – one long and one short – to make it easier for you to target problem areas.
- Presented in a beautiful drawstring bag ready to spoil that special someone
*Please note that the bracelet is handmade with love and positive vibes, and its made out of natural stone, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown.