Foldable Storage Box Dresser Drawer Organizer Grey - Set of 8

  • R 700.00


NON-WOVEN FABRIC: These organizers are made with non-woven fabric to ensure they are breathable, moisture resistant and 100% recyclable
SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Storage Baskets are made from premium non-woven fabric and each surface is reinforced by quality cardboard as to not lose shape easily.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Our collapsible storage units are perfect for organizing toys, socks, underwear, scarves, belts, ties, yoga pants, books & files, t-shirts, athletic wear, small purses, accessories, wallets, CD's, etc. Essential to reduce clutter in your home.
SET OF 8: These organizers come in a set of 6, with various dimensions to suit your storage needs!
PREMIUM QUALITY: features include breathable, mould, moth and moisture resistant fabric and the ability to absorb odours and anti-mildew properties.
COMPACT STORAGE: With a removable base, you can assemble and disassemble them easily when you fold them flat when not in use to save space.
FUNCTIONAL: Can function like drawers when used in a cabinet.
EASY CARE: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry


Material: Non-Woven Fabric
Colour: Grey and Black
- 2 Big bins: 28 x 28 x 10cm
- 2 Medium bins: 28 x 14 x 10cm
- 4 Small bins: 14 x 14 x 10cm
Weight: 1100 g

Warranty: 12 months warranty