Flexible Child Safety Lock & Corner Protector Combo

  • R 400.00

The Gretmol Corner Protector and Flexible Webbing child safety lock set is the perfect choice when it comes to the safety of your baby. Have the peace of mind that you deserve by installing these safety locks in your home, making it child proof in just a few seconds. This set allows you to child proof multiple different areas, objects or access points of concern.

- EASY INSTALLATION: No technical experience or tools needed. Just peel off the covering of the adhesive, picture where you want it and install
- EASY INSTALLATION: Quick installation that will save your valuable time. Comes with strong adhesive strips and secure lock that will ensure your child's safety and won't damage your furniture.
- SAFETY: No small pieces means no choking hazards
- STYLISH: Designed in a way that it blends with the interior of your home
- EASY MAINTENANCE: Wipe and clean

Compatible with the Gretmol Flexible Webbing Child Safety Lock:
- Cupboards
- Drawer and Cabinet doors
- Fridges, freezers, washing machines, microwaves
- Toilet Seats
- Windows and doors
- And anything you want to be kept closed that's compatible with the safety lock.

Compatible with the Gretmol Corner Protector:
- Cupboards corners
- Drawer and Cabinet doors
- And any exposed corner

- 8x Gretmol Flexible Webbing Child Safety Locks
- 12x Gretmol Corner Protectors