Digital Kitchen Scale for Baking and Cooking 5kg - Stainless Steel - Black

  • R 800.00


Slim Design: The slim and modern design is a functional and space-saving addition to your kitchen.
Tempered Glass Surface: The smooth surface is easy to clean. This makes it ideal for use in the kitchen where hygiene is of great importance.
Accurate Measurement: A high precision strain gauge sensor system provides accurate measurements ranging form from a minimum weight of 1 gram to a maximum weight of 5 kilograms.
User-Friendly: Touch-sensitive buttons and a large LCD display makes this scale easy to use, which will save you time in the kitchen. The TARE function allows you to set the weight of an empty container at ZERO, which allows you to weigh your ingredients without having to do complicated calculations. The scale also features low battery and overload warnings.
Multifunctional: You are able to easily choose your unit of measurement: pounds, ounces, grams, milliliters. This function makes this scale the ideal kitchen companion for cooks, bakers, and even dieters.
Power Saving: The Auto-Off function will preserve the battery life of your scale.


- Colour: Black
- Weight: 400g
- Maximum Capacity: 5kg/ 11lb
- Minimum Capacity: 5g
- Division Value: 0.1 oz/ 1g
- Units: lb.oz/ oz/ g/ ml
- Large LCD Display Size: 42 x 19mm
- Product size: 22.5cm x 15.6cm x 1.7cm
- Power: 2 x AAA battery ( batteries not included )