Almond Breeze 1litre Almond Milk Barista Blend - 6 Pack

  • R 500.00

This smooth, sweet and creamy almond drink is the perfect dairy milk substitute. Almond Breeze Original Almond Milk is a must-have for vegans, and suitable for those with lactose or soy allergies. Almond Breeze is enriched with calcium and vitamins, making it a nourishing addition to your coffee.

- Long-life almond milk with added calcium & vitamins.
- A non-dairy source of calcium
- High in vitamin A, D & E
- Naturally cholesterol-free
- Low in saturated fat
- No dairy, lactose or casein
- Suitable for vegans & those with lactose intolerance
- No soy, peanuts, egg, gluten or MSG

Care: Refrigerate immediately after opening
Please Note: This product is not intended for baby or infant feeding.