Adjustable Black Laptop Table Stand Multi-Functional Ergonomic

  • R 1,000.00

Work anywhere with this ergonomic and adjustable laptop stand. Complete with a platform attached to the side for a computer mouse, as well as a cooling fan. Improve your posture and optimise your work environment with this versatile and foldable stand.

Adjustable: Can adjust the angle and height depending on your preference and comfort.
Versatile: Can be used as a laptop stand, book stand, writing desk, etc. Allows you to work while sitting in bed, on the couch, or outside.
Improves posture: Lift your device to eye level to help you work in comfort, reducing chances of neck or back pain.
Collapsible: Easy foldable design to save space.
Light Weight Aluminium Tray: Easy to carry and supports your computer

- Colour: Black
- Material: Aluminum
- Adjustable Angle:0-360 degree