6 Piece Multicolour Square Stackable Food Storage Clear Plastic Container

  • R 500.00

Easily store food while minimizing clutter around your kitchen using Stackable Food Storage Containers with Easy Find Lids. These lunch boxes are easy to organize and help conserve space in your cabinets.


- This innovative, space-saving design neatly combines the bases and lids for various sizes of storage containers in the same space as one.
- Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean, Freezer Safe
- Constructed from durable BPA free plastic
- Store leftovers, baked goods snacks, fruits, and vegetables will save time and be more organized.
- To prevent staining avoid reheating food high in oil, sugar, tomatoes, and curries.

- Dimensions: 24.5cm x 24.5cm x 12cm
- Colour: Transparent
- Material: Plastic
- Lid Type: Multicolour Snap Lid
- Weight: 0.6kg

- Red: 24.5 x 12cm
- Orange: 21.6 x 10cm
- Yellow: 18 x 8.5cm
- Lime Green: 15 x 7.5cm
- Blue: 13 x 6cm
- Purple: 10.6 x 5cm
- Pink: 9 x 4cm