55cm Yoga Pilates Excuses Balance Ball Silver with Pump

  • R 450.00

Gyms are closed and we are all looking for ways to stay fit and healthy. Beat the lockdown blues and incorporate fitness into your daily life with the Loop Balance Ball. Suitable for all levels of fitness. This exercise Ball is versatile and can be used to improve posture, strengthen back and core muscle groups as well as do a full-body workout.

- Improves flexibility and balance and strengthens muscles.
- Perfect for your Pilates/yoga sessions and full-body workout.

- Durable and high-quality materials.
- Water-proof, Non-slipping, Nontoxic, and Comfortable.
- Inflatable and lightweight.

- Type: Yoga Balls
- Colour: Silver
- Size:65cm
- Fitness ball: Pilates balls
- Gym ball: balance fitness
- Includes foot pump