24-Piece Makeup Brush Set, Champagne Gold & Pouch

  • R 1,000.00

Choose between angled, tapered, and blender brushes to apply foundation, do contouring, highlighting, and any other blending necessary to achieve the exact look you want. Made from the best quality synthetic hair ensure perfect and professional results.

- Synthetic bristles: These bristles are made with soft cruelty-free synthetic and dense fibers for smooth application
- Look you very best: From your lips to your cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, and all areas of your face, this well-designed brush set’s lightweight dense bristle design make sure you always get that glowing, youthful, all-natural, flawless skin effect you desire.
- Versatile: These brushes are perfect for liquids, powders or creams
- Portable: With the case, you can take your brushes anywhere! The beautiful pouch is designed for holding all the brushes, making your dressing table neat and elegant.


- Color: Silver & Champagne Gold
- Brush Material: Synthetic Hair
- Size: 24 piece set
- Pouch: Cream bag